P O R T F O L I O    l    P R E S S    l    P U R P O S E    l    P E O P L E    l    S E R V I C E S    l    S H O P    l    C O N T A C T

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Baci is the new kid on the block, but we see her quickly working her way out of the design library and into management in the future.


  1. Bullet  Terrorizing all the other pups

  2. Bullet  Playing hard & sleeping harder

  3. Bullet  Loves the feel of the wind in her luxurious black curls

  4. Bullet  Getting away with anything because she’s so cute

  5. Bullet  Hanging with her big sister Polo

  6. Bullet  Napping in green grass fields

  7. Bullet  Jumping on the other dogs heads

Baci will be attending obedience classes with Ella in the winter.